Woman in the Mirror, a film by Tatyana Bronstein

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"Woman in the Mirror", Official Trailer

Woman in the Mirror (72 minutes), 2023, tells the story of an immigrant, a driven ballerina, who defected from the Soviet Union because of antisemitism, oppression and lack of artistic and personal freedom and her transition to the American ballet stage that led, after a 25-year career, to a new role as a teacher, and to new challenges as she struggles to adapt to the educational styles of American ballet. In addition to the beautiful cinematic and arctic value of the film, this story and its topic matters now.

“Woman in the Mirror '' is my personal statement, iis a message from me, a Ukrainian born American documentary filmmaker, told through the art of dance, railing against antisemitism and against any kind of oppression, telling her story visually beautifully and with passion. 

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